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In line with their integrity and compliance standards, Tecpetrol and Tecgas had launched the Compliance Line, a confidential communication channel available to all personnel, suppliers, investors, and third parties in general.

The Compliance Line allows users to report potential irregularities, including but not restricted to those related to accountability, auditing and internal control.

Reports may be sent in writing through our Compliance Line, or calling the toll-free numbers (0800) available around the clock in each country. In order to ensure the analysis of the reports received via the Compliance Line, it is important to provide precise information on: what happened, who was involved, when, how and where the event took place.

The Audit Management will analyze the reports received via the Compliance Line, considering all data supplied as strictly confidential as long as it is in accordance with the applicable legislation.

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This Code of Conduct defines guidelines and standards of integrity and transparency which must be complied with by all employees at all levels within the company.