Security and safety

With the conviction that all injuries and operational risks can be avoided and controlled, Tecpetrol has set up a five-step process to ensure the safety of both its employees and third parties:

1- Pre-job meeting: This helps those involved to learn, reinforcing the value of their own experience as well as that of others as regards increasing safety and environmental protection. Safety is based on trust and the exchange of information.

2- Job Safety (JSA): The objective is to investigate the causes of previous incidents and define corrective and preventive actions. Safety can be achieved.

3- Reporting and investigation of incidents and accidents: allows investigating causes and defining corrective and preventing actions. Safety is within reach.

4- Inspections: These detect errors in location in order to effect their operational processes improvement. The company’s commitment to safety can be verified by visiting facilities, observing and correcting any problems on the spot.

5- Behavior observations: These are designed to identify substandard actions and take action to prevent them, ensuring the correct safe procedures are incorporated and reinforced. Safety lies in knowing how to foresee risks and come up with safe alternatives.

Safety training
Tecpetrol holds safety workshops for its employees and contractors in order to share knowledge and raise awareness of the precautions and steps to be taken both within the company’s operations and outside work. Short five-minute briefings are given just before activities get under way, while a weekly meeting is also held for all personnel to discuss about Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HSE) issues. It is also essential to have a safety-conscious attitude outside work. At Tecpetrol, this is called adopting a consistent attitude.