Desarrollo social

“Helping those who help themselves”: is the motto which distinguishes Tecpetrol’s Social Development strategy and actions. The company carries out Sustainable Development Programs in the interests of the current and future welfare of the communities neighboring its operations in order to promote independence and decision-making abilities, fostering the creation of relationships with the state, NGOs and other institutions.

Education, health, art and culture are some of the areas where the company invests resources in developing partnerships with low-income urban and rural areas and indigenous communities. In these relationships, it is the inhabitants themselves who propose projects. Tecpetrol eschews the concept of handouts and other paternalistic attitudes in the interests of providing the communities with the tools which they need to achieve their goals.

Education: Knowledge-generation lies at the base of community development, which is the reason why Tecpetrol works with a wide range of non-governmental organizations to promote reading, literacy, education and the integration of children and youth organizations in the communities surrounding its operations.

Community Development: Tecpetrol believes that the right solutions are those which stand the test of time. In line with this vision, it aims to provide the community with the tools it needs to satisfy the priority needs of its members.

Health, Sports and Integration: Tecpetrol recognizes the importance of a person’s all-round development, including their physical, social, and psychological aspects. Thus it organizes health campaigns to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and develops programs to encourage sports among children, as well as donating sports equipment for young people with special needs and supporting medical screening and assistance in the area of cancer.

Art and Culture: Tecpetrol takes part in a range of activities to foster the spread of culture in the community at large. One recent example was the schools competition called “Student Murals” which aimed to encourage creativity among primary school pupils in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. As a result, the company became closely involved in the local community, helping children, artists and teachers to network with each other. In Mexico, as in other countries, the company promotes festivals such as the Tamaulipas International Festival, with the aim of strengthening culture and art in this city. In this recitales durante tres semanas. particular case, Tecpetrol provided the resources to organize a series of concerts over three weeks.