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Cuidado del ambiente

Tecpetrol carries out its operations in an environment which it shares with both neighboring communities and its employees. It carries out an environmental management system developed to meet international standards and applies the latest technologies for this purpose.

Continuous improvement
Investments are planned on a yearly basis as part of the continuous improvement goals enshrined in the Environmental Management System in order to improve environmental performance: ecologically-friendly sleeves for pipeline junctions in sensitive areas, more effective solid waste management, and revamping facilities in order to make energy use more efficient, as well as revegetation and erosioncontrol tasks.

Preventing spills and leaks is a priority
Tecpetrol’s overriding priority is to prevent spills and thus it carries out programs to replace old pipelines, building containig tanks and placing ecologically-friendly encirclement sleeves over pipeline junctions in environmentally-sensitive areas, among others.

If specific instances are identified where areas are affected by leaks, the clean-up is carried out by hand in order to preserve vegetation. The residue collected is taken to the treatment location at each field. It is subjected to biological treatment which accelerates the natural process of biodegradation, neither leaving any trace in the environment nor adding chemicals to the process.

Great care is taken with the handling and storage of chemical products
Tecpetrol uses a specific system for handling and storing chemical products used in its industrial processes. This process includes the design and construction of specific locations to store the chemicals, ensuring that they are appropriately safeguarded for the purposes of health, safety and environmental protection.

Responsible exploration of hydrocarbons
Seismic surveys are the most common kind of exploration used by Tecpetrol to obtain reliable geological data. The company ensures surveys are carried out according to specific environmental protection measures:

- Use of existing seismic paths.
- Use of smaller vibro-trucks.
- Environmental restoration after recording. Scarification and monitoring of seismic path revegetation.
- Permanent presence of an environmental supervisor at the operations site whose task to ensure that the recommendations from the Environmental Impact Study are correctly followed.

Reduction of gaseous emissions
As a result of the series of maintenance and tasks carried out to improve the efficiency of treatment plants, the company has achieved a downward trend in the emissions of combustion gas used in its operations.